Organic Free Range Chickens

We keep organic chickens both for egg laying and for the table.

Our layers are a mix of pretty white Light Sussex traditional breed hens and other speciality breeds specific to the production of organic eggs. They are supplied by organic breeders.

Our layers are kept outdoors and are free-range. They have access to purpose-built sheds with ample space for perches and nest boxes and automatic pop-hole doors.

We currently have around 100 laying hens and plan to expand our production over time.

We produce a range of table birds, a specially selected slow growing white feathered variety that can reach good weights and provides deliciously firm, succulent organic chicken under outdoor conditions.

We also raise specialist table birds that originate from French stock which are valued for their unique quality and flavour.

Raised free range with the freedom to graze out on our paddocks, all our table birds have similar sheds to our laying birds with the same automatic pop-hole doors to protect them from predators.

We agree with @treflachfarm ‘s recent post, farms should have weeds for insect pollination and to help biodiversity and maintain a natural food chain.

…Our laying hens have loved being amongst this creeping thistle all summer… and the bees and other pollinators have loved the flowers too.
🐝 🐓 🥚 🐞 🦅 🐁 .
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Gorgeousness... day old chicks having a snooze, warm and cosy in their brooder #organicpoultry #organicagriculture #chicks #sustainableagriculture
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Our lovely new laying hens enjoying breakfast at their new home... many thanks @bencathwetherden for supplying these lovely organic birds 🐓 #organichens #organicpullets #organiceggs
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We have reared these beautiful Light Sussex hens from day old chicks to “point of lay” on our #organic #smallholding near #Wem.  They are a traditional British breed that dates back to the Roman Conquest of Britain in AD43! We really like their temperament, they’re very docile and friendly which is clear to see as they are watching me take this video!
Soon they’ll be laying yummy golden-yolk organic eggs which will be available at Wem Farmers Market or direct from our smallholding. ..
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