A new shed for our organic animal feed

At Wackley Brook, we’ve been planning our launch for the last few weeks, and today, we made a big leap forward in making our first batch of deliveries. Our brand new shed arrived, which we’ll be using to store our organic animal feed here in Shropshire.

Our organic animal feed shed from Asgard A shed for our organic animal feed

We chose a large, heavy duty shed from Asgard so that our organic feed is fully protected from the elements. It’ll also ensure that all of our feed is protected from any rats and mice that would otherwise be able to help themselves!

This ensures that your order will get to you fresh, dry and uncontaminated.

Why organic?

Organic animal feed is made from 100 per cent organic ingredients. We believe that these are the best quality products available on the market today, and they offer outstanding health benefits for your animals.

All of the feeds we sell are registered with the Soil Association and Organic Farms & Growers.

Buying organic animal feed From Us

Are you interested in switching to a new feed supplier?

Our first order of organic animal feed has been placed, and we’re expecting our first delivery on 22nd February. We’re initially stocking layers, pellets, chick crumbs and sheep food.

Our supplier is Hi Peak Organic Feeds, the largest organic feed manufacturer in the UK and Ireland. The chick crumbs we stock are packed with protein, with nutrients that boost the immune system and promote healthy growth.

Because we buy organic feed in bulk, we can rival the prices you’re already paying for non-organic feed. What’s more, you can avoid the inconvenience of missed deliveries, and we don’t charge expensive delivery fees.

Register now for a delivery

If you’d like to order a batch of animal feed, and you live in the Wem area, drop us a line and register your interest now. We’ll be delivering personally to all of our customers, and we’d love to have a chat and answer your questions.

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