Lincoln Longwools

Our sheep are Lincoln Longwools, a breed that carries on the lineage of native stock that formed the backbone of the rural economy in the Middle Ages and even further back in history.

‘Old Lincolns’ were renowned for their heavy, lanolin-rich fleeces and sturdy, meaty frame, making them a perfect ‘dual purpose’ breed for providing both wool and mutton.

As their name suggests, modern Lincolns have kept their distinctly shaggy appearance and remain an equally rich source of strong, high quality wool and tasty organic meat.

Sadly, pressure from newer breeds means the number of Lincoln Longwool flocks has been in steady decline, with perhaps under 1000 breeding ewes left in the country. The breed is on the Rare Breed Survival Trust watchlist.

We are trying to do our bit to keep stocks of these beautiful native sheep healthy by breeding our own. We name our ewes alphabetically, starting out with Alma, Agatha, Agnes, Amanda, Amelia, and Alison, then Bronwyn, then our most recent ewe lambs, Chelsea, Chloe, and Claudia.

We currently have two rams, our original breeding ram, Tennyson, and Unwin, who was born on the farm.

This little Wemmerdale lamb has climbed up on a bale to get our attention... his mum rejected him as she only had enough milk for his twin brother so we are bottle feeding him. As you can see he’s doing just fine #lambsofinstagram #wemmerdale #organicsheep #farminglife #wemmerdale
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We’re giving a couple of our twin lambs a bit of extra milk, they still suckle from mum but they need a top-up in this freezing cold weather. You can see mum is keeping a close eye while I feed her lamb #springtime #lambing2021 #feedinglambs #wemmerdale #sheep
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Our first lamb this spring, only born last night!  Her name is Fran and she’s already out enjoying the  sun with her mum Amelia. Fran is the first of our new “Wemmerdale” crosses, bred from one of our beautiful Lincoln Longwool ewes. #organicfarming #organicsheep #wem #shropshire #wemmerdale
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I managed to get one of this years lambs to stand still for a photo... the Lincoln is a dual purpose breed (wool and meat), producing an amazing fleece. The breed is on the Rare Breed Survival Trust watchlist as it’s a threatened breed. We think they’re just gorgeous 😍🐑 #rbst #rarebreedsheep #lincolnlongwool
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Lambing finished for this year -  all delivered safely and now it’s time for us to catch up on some sleep, although we’re still keeping a close eye  on these little ones.  They always play on an evening while while their mum is eating and watching from a distance. Most of our ewes had 1 lamb, one had twins #lambsofinstagram #lambing2020 #lambingtime #rarebreedsheep #lincolnlongwool
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Our first lamb... Elizabeth. Listen for the lovely “grunting” the ewe makes while she cleans her lamb #organicsheep #rarebreedsheep #lincolnlingwool #sustainableagriculture #sustainablefarming
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Our #sheep are patiently waiting for the shearers to arrive - they’re due within the hour! This is Alison our biggest #ewe, her fleece will weigh around 6kg, it’s long and strong is naturally shiny (called lustre). You can see why the wool trade was built on the back of sheep like the #Lincoln #Longwool 🐑  Alison will be feeling much more comfortable soon! #rarebreed #longwool #shearing #shropshire #organicwool #wooladdict
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