All of our organic livestock feed is supplied in 20kg bags, and the minimum order is just 1 bag!

Delivery is free within 5 miles of Loppington centre in Shropshire.

Organic Feed Free Delivery

Outside this area, contact us for a custom delivery quote based on the best courier option for your area.


Unistock Ewe 20kg

Cattle and ewe feed containing 17 per cent protein. Organic. Also suitable as goat feed.

1 bag £11.00

3 bags £31

Mixed Corn Pellets 20kg

Organic supplementary poultry feed containing oyster, soy and wheat.

1 bag £12

3 bags £34

Lay 2 Pellets 20kg

Organic layers pellet containing 17 per cent protein.

1 bag £12.00

3 bags £34 

Chick Starter Crumb 20kg

Organic feed for table chicks containing 24 per cent protein.

1 bag £14

3 bags £40

Table Grower Pellet 20kg

Organic table bird feed.

1 bag £13.00

3 bag £37.00

This is just a small selection of the feed we have available. We also stock turkey, pig, cattle, sheep, lamb, calf pellets and milk replacer. For a complete list, please contact us.